Why should your child play netball?

Why should your child play netball?

Netball is a great sport that brings individuals into a team environment. At Gilbert Netball we have highlighted the key benefits below that netball will have for your child and you too! 

Like all activity, netball gets children and adults out of the house and moving. Instead of sitting watching TV or playing on the computer, children have the chance to run around on court with other individuals their age which brings a huge variety of benefits both physically and mentally. Catching and passing a ball each week will also help with children's hand eye coordination and build strength in their upper body. 

Much like the health benefits, netball gets you out of the house and socialising with your team. Netball also gives children a sense of responsibility through the different roles they may take up at their club: captaincy, time keeping, umpiring leading drills and much more.

As well as this, netball teaches children skills they can take into the wider world. For example how to problem solve, lead, deal with wins and loses, and enhance their key skills in their roles in the team. 



So, as you can see, for not only children but adults as well, netball is great! What are you waiting for?