Which Netball Should I buy?

Which Netball Should I buy?

Welcome to our netball buyers guide from the marketing leading experts in Netballs, helping to choose the perfect netball for you!


At Gilbert Netball we also offer custom netballs when buying in bulk, so get in touch with us at hello@gilbert-netball.com if this is something you're interested in. 


Match vs Training vs Novelty... the list is endless!

When searching around the website for your perfect netball, you may come across Match balls, Training Balls, Supporter Balls, Novelty Balls - and get a bit overwhelmed by all the choices! Below we have sectioned out what each ball means and what it offers.


Match balls

Below are 3 examples of our Best Selling Netballs ranging from our elite, indoor netball to our more junior netball - great for matches but training as well! 


FLARE - £43.99

One of our top Match Balls, the Flare is used by international teams for both matches and training sessions. This ball is ideal for higher-level teams playing indoors - outdoor play would be better with one of our other netballs featured below due to this high-quality match ball wearing from easily outside. The Flare features fusion foam technology for a softer feel and the hybrid grip configuration.

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SPECTRA - £20.99

An ideal match ball for club and county players and teams to practice their skills at training or at home. The Spectra is also good for both indoor and outdoor training and matches with its multi-laminate construction for durability as well as hydratec and duragrip - a pebble-like grip technology that does not wear down as quickly and therefore ideal for outdoor use. 

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BLAZE - £11.99

The perfect match or training ball for schools or clubs with durable moulded construction and a blended rubber ball surface giving almost perfect roundness. The ball has been embossed with the traditional seam lines and the duragrip technology offers a pebble-like grip that gives good handling properties. 

The Blaze match balls have a rubber bladder and are suited to longer lasting on outdoor courts as the grip does not wear down as quickly as other match balls. 

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Training Balls


The Pass Developer is a great addition to your training session. This is an overweight netball used to strengthen the players' wrists as well as increasing passing accuracy. 

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Novelty Balls 

These novelty balls are perfect for players to have fun with at home. They are not recommended for match play or training. 



Made with a blended rubber ball surface and a synthetic latex bladder as well as cotton laminate construction and duragrip technology which offers a pebble-like grip. 

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Our signature netballs are designed by our ambassadors and includes their signature on the ball, and are a great way to support your favourite player, or to choose a fun design to play with at home! 

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Netball Sizes

At Gilbert Netball we typically sell Size 5 and Size 4 netballs for training and match purposes. Size 4 netballs are slightly smaller and therefore are usually used for players aged 10 and below. Players older than this will use size 5.