Below we have some awesome drills to help you use your control-a-balls at training! We would like to thank ambassador Halee Robinson for putting these drills together. 


Ball Handling Drill

In this drill, the players must get into pairs and use 2 different weighted netballs. One player throws the ball up whilst the other throws the ball directly at her to catch and release before the original ball comes back down.


Reaction Test Drill

For this drill you have to set up 1 Worker and 5 posts. The worker has to receive the ball from the posts in a specific order. The challenge is having to react to the different type of balls being thrown at you from each post.



 Reaction and Spatial Awareness Drill

This drill is a development on drill 1. There should be the same set up but a queue of people become the workers. The workers have to think about reacting to the different balls as well as being aware of their movement and the other workers around them. 


 Attacking Movement Drill

In this drill you have 5 posts feeding the balls, and 4 stationary posts. The worker must receive a ball off of each post whilst mixing up their attacking movements for each one and working round the static posts. This promotes the use of a range of attacking skills such as rolls, front cuts, body ups.