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Community netball is a grassroots form of the sport that emphasizes inclusivity, fun, and social engagement. It typically involves players of varying skill levels, ages, and backgrounds coming together to enjoy the game. Mostly played outdoors and in schools and recreational programmes. Gilbert recommends our entry-level balls for this style of netball.

Looking for a durable ball suitable for both indoor and outdoor play? Look no further than our range catered to Community Netball.

Crafted from premium natural rubber, our balls surface boasts a hybrid grip design and features a butyl rubber bladder for optimal air retention.

Using innovative technology, these balls incorporate fusion foam construction. This design includes a layer of foam beneath the rubber surface, providing a softer feel. This enhanced softness promotes greater surface area contact between players' hands and the ball, resulting in improved grip and overall performance. The balls incorporate hydrate moisture barrier technology, ensuring prolonged durability and sustained performance over time.

Our Choice: Flare Match Netball


Club netball refers to the organized and competitive level of netball played within local or regional clubs. Club netball typically involves participation in formal leagues or competitions with a higher skill level of players who aspire to progress regional or national representation. Mostly played indoors, Gilbert recommends our multi-surface balls high-quality balls.

For Club and County level, you will need a versatile ball, suitable for all surfaces.

Our range of club balls are ideal for club and county players honing their skills during training sessions or at home, as well as for competitive matches.

Our club netballs range are crafted with a blended rubber surface and a synthetic latex bladder and there multi-laminate construction enhances durability, while incorporating hydratec and duragrip technologies.

The duragrip technology, resembling a pebble-like texture, maintains its grip over time, making it particularly well-suited for outdoor use.

Our Choice: Spectra Match Netball


This is the highest level of netball competition. It involves elite players who have achieved excellence in the sport and have been selected from respective major Superleague teams to represent their nations on the international stage. Gilbert serves as the best ball on the market and is used in all major competitions globally.

Elite players need exceptionally high quality netballs. Our bespoke elite netballs are crafted with a higher proportion of natural rubber. This ball offers enhanced handling, specifically tailored for high-performance indoor matches. It's a must-have for elite-level teams and is not recommended for outdoor use.

Featuring the G-XV rubber compound ball surface and the Pro Performance air-loc bladder, these balls guarantee international match quality performance. Its multi-laminate construction ensures durability, while the Quantum grip technology enhances control.

With the added benefit of Hydratec technology, the balls maintain its performance even during intense play.

Our Choice: Quantum Match Netball