Get to Know Halee Robinson...

Get to Know Halee Robinson...

Halee Robinson has quite the resume already and an even bigger workload, and she's still at University! An elite netball player, a business owner and coach, Halee is a Gilbert Ambassador and will be sharing her coaching tips and exclusive session ideas with you.

So, let's get to know Halee...

Where are you from?

How long have you been coaching?
5 years

What is your coaching experience?
I first began coaching at school when I was in sixth form, taking charge of sessions for the younger years. I thoroughly enjoyed it so decided to get my Level 1 coaching qualification. This really sparked my enthusiasm for teaching and sharing my own experience and knowledge with others and so when lockdown hit, I began coaching virtually and then gained my level 2 coaching and started to explore this further by doing private sessions, I'm now 3 years into this and I currently coach my university development teams and some other local clubs; Birmingham City, ACES Netball Club and Birmingham County. I also host my own workshops and have expanded into coaching internationally. My aim is to help grow netball in countries where it is a niche sport, such as Brussels and Malta and more recently Dubai. There was a team who was competing in the Unity Games and so I coached this team which has initiated conversations with UAE coaches.

When did you first start playing netball?
I started playing Year 6 at school so age 10/11.

What was your first netball club?
My first club was Yendys Netball, I was there from age 11-18, now I play at Linden Netball Club competing in Prem, Div 2.

What position do you play?

Which other position would you pick to play?
I’d like to do a bit of GD because I love to defending.

What is your playing experience?
I progressed through the club and county pathway to NPL selection and England Academy. I represented Severn Stars at age u15 to u19, then I moved to WASPS when I went to university where I was a training associate to the Super League team and a training partner in my second year at Wasps. During this time I was playing in the England Roses U19 academy and competed at Europe netball u21 championships. Now I play at Loughborough Lightning U21s and U23s. I also play at University, I play for the University of Birmingham first team in the National Championship North Division league.

Who is your sporting hero?
Dina Asher-smith

If you could play or take part in any other sport what would it be?
I think it would have to be a team sport so football.

What are your netball ambitions?
I aspire to be a change maker within netball. By increasing participation rates and players accessibility to training but also access to coaching that will develop the player no matter what age or ability. I want to continue spreading netball ideas and tips and be the conduit for individuals or clubs who aspire to progress netball.