Bee Netball

Bee Netball

27 Dec 19

Enabling children to learn and develop through schools, clubs and communities.

Bee Netball isn't complicated, it's simply a way to enable children to play the game while learning and developing a whole heap of other important skills. There is a framework which outlines what is achievable and appropriate for children at various ages and stages, and this is brought to life through activity cards and a menu of competition or ways to play which ensures it is appropriate for all children, and not just those who have mastered all of the skills. The game also has a special Bee ball which has been designed and supplied by Gilbert Netball that seeks to build character and intrigue within the children, helping to grow their interest and affiliation with the game. This is supplimented by a Netball goodie pack which each child will recieve in order to support their play and build on the enjoyment the sessions provide.

Bee Netballs and all other Bee Netball products including member packs and kits to get started at your school or club are exclusively available through the England Netball website:

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