All I want for Christmas is...

All I want for Christmas is...

We spoke with some of our ambassadors to see what they’ll be doing this Christmas and what things they hope to find under their Christmas tree!


Geva Mentor 

"This Christmas will be a hot one for me, not because I'll be curled up next to the fire place, quite the opposite as I'll be spending it in Australia, probably next to a BBQ close to the beach!

I'll be swapping the turkey for cold ham and the pigs in blankets for fresh prawns. I have a miniature Christmas tree which was from my family home in the UK that I've brought out to Oz. So although I can't really get any presents under, I'll wrap my signature netball in tinsel next to it along with the dream of keys to a brand new Audi SQ7 and two first class plane tickets around the world! But the only gifts I really hope for is plenty of laughter and love from the good people in my life who care about me."


Beth Cobden

"This Christmas I will be heading home for two weeks to spend time with my family and friends who I am really missing over here in Australia. I am looking forward to some cold Christmas walks, lots of yummy food and a glass of wine by the fire! 

If I had to pick a few things I would like for Christmas, some bionic knees would be at the top of my list! Haha.. unfortunately I might have to settle for:

1. A giant bag of minstrels - they don’t sell galaxy here and it’s my favourite!

2. A bikini - ready for my holiday to Bali in January!

3. A funky beach towel

4. Some Polaroid films for my camera.

5. My Signature Netball! 


I’ll be all set for some sunny adventures in the new year!"


Kalifa McCollin

This Christmas I’d be meeting my mom in New York to do some much needed shopping then we’ll be heading back to Trinidad and Tobago so we can enjoy the rest of the holidays with my dad and my grandma. 

I hope to find:  A new passport holder,  a wallet, a few cool tees and my signature ball of course under my Christmas tree this year!


Natalie Haythornthwaite

Under my Christmas tree this year I would love to find... 

  • a Christmas jumper (my family & I all wear them on Christmas Day - so it's exciting to see who has the best Christmas jumper on the day!) 
  • perfume, I'm a huge fan of Stella McCartney so that would be awesome!
  • Christmas chocolate (the Lindt Santa is my favourite!)
  • my signature netball, always comes in handy for my shooting sessions out in the garden, as well as my Netball sessions.

This year for Christmas my fiancé Josh and I are actually in charge of cooking Christmas Dinner for the first time ever! Then on boxing day we're having a little getaway with my parents, my two sisters and their partners to celebrate my parents 30th wedding anniversary, and the fact that they both turned 50 this year!

I'll also be adding in some training sessions to make sure I stay fit & ready for the 2020 season! Christmas is my favourite time of year as it's the most time I get to spend with my family and I just love everything about it! 




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