Which Match Netball Is For You?

Choosing the right netball for your team’s matches can be tricky. There are plenty to choose  from and each at different price points. 

How should you know which one is right for you? 

Every ball we produce comes with the Gilbert guarantee of being the best in the market for each level of the game. 

Our ball engineers put the same rigorous process and precision into our entry level match balls as they do our international standard ones. If it’s got our name on it, you are getting the best we can deliver.


Elite Netball

If you’re on the pathway to the highest level of netball, one of our elite balls will be right for you. 

Our Quantum X5 ball has been a sure-fire hit with the international netball fraternity, with reports of the best performing netball of all time.

Larger pimples give the ball a greater surface area touching the hands, which maximises grip – crucial for performance especially in fast-paced games.

We advise that the Quantum X5 is only used in indoor netball to maximise the lifespan of the ball.

Our elite ball will degrade sooner than our other netballs due to the high-performance materials used in the composition of the product.

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Top End Club and School

We know the level of play in club netball around the world is astonishing. Many potentially professional netballers fall by the wayside for any number of reasons, so when they hit the court they want to play intense, high quality netball - with a ball to match. 

That ball is the Flare Match Netball. Designed for clubs, it offers a unique foam fusion construction, giving netballers a softer feel thanks to a foam layer beneath the surface. 

Made with a high-grade natural rubber, the Flare has promises excellent grip and durability.

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Indoors or Out

Our Eclipse Match Netball is super durable, ideal for clubs that play their games on indoor and outdoor courts.

Thanks to our high-grade natural rubber and multi-laminate construction the ball will retain the key properties that give it such great performance - for longer.

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Durability is Key

Outdoor netball is super popular no matter how cold it gets, so those paved courts need a ball to stand up to them. Welcome then, the Spectra and Spectra XT match balls. 

Made using a blended rubber surface with a multi-laminate construction, this is a ball designed to last.

Our Duragrip technology gives and retains a pebble-like grip, making the Spectra balls a great value option.

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Get Into The Game

Netball is a game to be enjoyed by the masses; a lot play just for fun. It’s also crucial to encourage youngsters to play the game in skill. 

The Blaze Match Netball is the ideal option for introducing new players to the game, or for casual netball.  

Less that £20 and packed with technology that ensures good performance and great durability, if the Blaze is the netball they play with you can be assured their initial experience of the sport will be a good one.

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