The Ultimate Pass Catch System

The ‘Control A Balls’ pass catch system adds a completely new dynamic to your collective and individual skills practices due to the design and colour of the ball.

They all look the same, but when you handle the balls, each one has a different outcome. Players will become far more accurate in order to achieve the correct execution.

5 Different Netballs

The System is made up of five different balls (match, light, heavy, grip-less and unstable). Using the balls within your training session before using a standard ball, greatly enhances player awareness and skill levels. The balls can be used within individual or collective skills drills or team practices, and are coloured pink with black trim.

As the ball design is replicated across all five balls, they are visually identical. This means that the player within the practice does not know what type of ball is being passed to them until they have caught it or they communicate with each other. The player’s senses are heightened, bringing a degree of difficulty to the practice, as they know that each ball is different in weight or feel.


To ready the Unstable ball simply inflate the ball as normal and place in a sink. Then, ensuring the inflation needle is attached to the pump, unscrew the handle end to allow you to pour water into the pump. Working quickly and over the sink, add the water into the pump, screw on the handle and then insert the needle into the valve. Depress the handle to push the water into the bladder. Repeat the process until you have added 280 grams of water to the ball.

Try not to over fill the ball. If too much water is added, you can remove by inserting the inflation needle into the valve (as you would to deflate it) and hold over a sink with the needle at the bottom of the ball and gently squeeze the ball to remove some water. Then check the weight and proceed.

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