Quantum X5 Match Netball Deep Dive

The ball for your club

Can’t find a netball that is suitable to the level you and your team are playing at? 

It’s a common problem and one that’s easily fixed. Unfortunately teams are too willing to compromise on quality for price. The Quantum X5 is all about quality.

The Quantum X5 Match Ball is Gilbert’s most technically advance match netball to date, used and trusted by professional players around the world.

So if you need a match ball for your club that represents the level of play that you aspire to, look no further.

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Most Advanced Grip 

The Quantum X5 Match Ball features our most advanced grip to date, and coming up with the design was an iterative process to ensure we derived the most grip possible.

Multiple prototypes were made and tested by our professional athletes ambassadors, with small tweaks being made where necessary. The 1% changes could make all the difference to overall performance.

Peak Performance

Increasing the level of grip can affect the aerodynamics of the ball. This increases the importance of that testing process, putting the ball under as much stress as possible in match-like situations.

The surface area of the pimple is increased on the Quantum to maximise the contact area for your hands, which ensures ultimate grip.

Our most stable ball yet

The Quantum X5 is made with a multi-laminate construction which aids the structure of the ball. This construction is enhanced using a Hydratec seal.

What’s a Hydratec seal?  It’s a seal which forms when the stitches that hold the ball together cross over each other and are then coated in wax. This reduces the size of the stitch holes, reducing the amount of water that can enter the ball, ensuring balls last as long as possible.

Pumped Up 

We used our Pro Performance air loc bladder in the Quantum X5 match ball.

This bladder is made with a co-polymer, which enhances the amount of air retained by the ball. A pumped-up ball will perform better for longer - and increase its lifespan.

Used By The Best

Watched any netball over the last year? Then it’s likely you’ve been watching a Quantum X5 Match Ball in use. 

The Quantum X5 is the ball of choice for the professional game, as is the official ball of remove Vitality as they are not sponsor this year Vitality Netball Superleague, Suncorp Super Netball, the ANZ Premiership and the recent Commonwealth Games.

Of course, the Quantum X5 is the match ball for the upcoming 2023 Netball World Cup in South Africa as the world’s best players come together for a global festival of netball – with Gilbert as the centrepiece.



The incredible Quantum X5 Match Ball is currently available in three variations:

England Netball Quantum X5

Vitality Superleage Quantum X5

Quantum X5 Netball

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