Tamsin Greenway - The Legend

Tamsin Greenway - The Legend

21 Nov 19

Former Director of Netball, England International and Gilbert Netball ambassador.

Having been involved in elite netball for nearly 20 years Tamsin Greenway is about to write some new chapters in her life, both on and off the court. Now she is able to take a break from the travelling and training, she finally has her weekends back to hang with her friends and family. "I think most netballers know about my life and what I’m doing, but my baby boy is due in November, so I’m looking forward to more chaotic family life! I’ll also be getting my 6 year old Jamie into her first netball club so I’m hoping I’m going to be a chilled out spectator on the side lines."

The journey from the court to the sidelines began last year when Tamsin started working with the media as part of the team at Sky, helping to promote netball in the build-up to the World Cup. "Being part of Sky was incredible and if you can't play or coach it’s the closest you can get to all the action. It’s been amazing to meet so many people who love our sport and who are on this journey as the game changes. I’m really lucky that different opportunities keep arising, so I’m sure whatever happens next I’ll be busy. " Seeking more of the same, Tamsin hopes to continue working with the team at Sky, a team who she says are a brilliant group, who love the game. "The analysis is my favourite [part] and I get very excited when they let me play with the Sky pad! I’m hoping we get to do more off the court work, and of course articles and social media work through the season so we keep the momentum going. It’s a really exciting time to take on different challenges in netball and help promote and grow the game I love – wish me luck!"

A brand ambassador who has been everything we could have asked for, with an illustrious on-court career, we at Gilbert Netball wish Tamsin all the best for her future endeavours. We all know that if she's as good off the court as she was on it, then the future of netball is in a safe pair of hands.


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