Community Netball Returns - Government Guidance

Community Netball Returns - Government Guidance

02 Dec 20

We are pleased to announce that England Netball has confirmed that community netball is able to return in December 2020 across all tiers with relevant safety protocols. Tier 3 however will have some additional restrictions. 

The table below outlines what can and cannot be done:

return to play guidance

Contact Time for Tier 3

Close contact time in training is now reduced from a maximum upper limit of 60 minutes to 40 minutes therefore small sided games and match play should not exceed 40 minutes.

Socially distanced warm ups and practices where players do not come less than 1m are not included in the 40 minutes. Close contact time in competition is not reduced, however any close contact activity prior to a match including half court needs to be factored into the 60 minute upper limit. 


Social Distancing 

Social Distancing must be maintained as much as possible and social interaction must be limited and should only take place in line with the legal limits and other relevant restrictions.


Netball Leagues

Many leagues are due to restart in January, leagues should all now plan to run activity outdoors for the remainder of the season. 




Who's excited to play netball again!? 

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